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Meet The Chef.

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Franco Antonio Blanco

The story of the “ShuShi” Chef began in 1990 when, while still in high school, Francisco Antonio Blanco tasted sushi for the first time and fell in love with its unique taste profile and explosive flavors—a love not shared by his traditional Cuban parents.


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5 Stars - Based on 312 User Reviews
  • 5 star ratingBirthday party What a sensational experience. As a group of 12 celebrating a birthday, every one of us enjoyed every byte and every moment. Our host Nicky was exceptionally friendly. Chef Frank was artistic and refined. The ambience was seductive and warm.... read more

    Miami2754 Avatar

    5 star ratingWhat an experience! From the moment you arrive you walk into an enchanting experience. The setting was intimate and personalized. The dinner was delicious, every course different and exciting. To have a chef explain and describe your food experience so personally was something... read more

    730gennyc Avatar

    5 star ratingLugar maravilloso Si buscar un lugar único, con un ambiente increíble y probar comida deliciosa y que nunca se te pasaría por la mente este es tu lugar.
    Desde el primer momento te sientes muy cómodo.
    Le doy un 10/10 volveré sin dudar.

    Josemhdez Avatar
  • 5 star ratingNaughty but Oh So Nice! As a creative person and a foodie, I was looking forward to this new concept. It exceeded expectations!

    To begin as I love surprises, Chef Blanco asked a little about me and my background and types of flavors and foods...
    read more

    Christine M. Avatar
    Christine M.

    5 star ratingGreat experience! Chef Franco and Host Niki were fabulous! I’ve never had better service at a restaurant. What wonderful people. They were so thoughtful in every aspect of the event. Must do in Miami. I think the chef could even expand his... read more

    W4196MNrachelr Avatar

    5 star ratingMy second time at House of Food Porn and enjoyed a totally new menu with the same flare and style as my first. Nikki's and Frank really make the difference, you feel as if you are dinning at a long... read more

    Eddie D. Avatar
    Eddie D.
  • 5 star ratingFantastic HOFP LOVE this place! Frank is an amazingly creative Chef! Plus he is so so nice and so passionate about his food! Nicky is an amazing hostess - the service is a 10 on a 1-5 scale! It is so much... read more

    Bonnie C. Avatar
    Bonnie C.

    5 star ratingHappily surprised with the entire evening The place is located in an up an coming are of Miami but dont get turned off by the outside, its the inside that counts and once you get in the place get ready for a fun and memorable experience.... read more

    tveddy Avatar

    5 star ratingUnforgettable Dining Experience! Words aren’t enough to describe how AMAZING this place. From the service, ambience, and of course the Food!! This place is overall the most unforgettable place I’ve visited, not only because the food was AMAZING but also the service was... read more

    nancymC7020HG Avatar
  • 5 star ratingMy birthday This restaurant was so unique and fun. We celebrated my birthday and Nikki and Chef Franco was great. They explained what we were eating and how he prepared it. I had a memorable evening. Kerry made the most delicious... read more

    cynthiamaz Avatar

    5 star ratingThe best fresh ceviche in Miami Frank Blanco is one of the best chefs in Miami
    ...his creativity goes beyond this planet. His delicious sushi creations makes your taste buds come alive...being in Little Haiti...it.s the star of the Magic Citycarlos

    carlosaP9438EH Avatar

    5 star ratingI am not sure how to describe this place as words won't be enough. If you are looking for good food you can find it anywhere in Florida. However if you are in search of a place that is going... read more

    Irene S. Avatar
    Irene S.
  • 5 star ratingINSANE!!!! My wife and I celebrated our 6yr anniversary last night (our first date) at House of Food Porn with our host/chef and friend of 20+yrs Frank A Blanco a.k.a Summer Santa lol. His collaboration of different types food placed into... read more

    Mav R. Avatar
    Mav R.

    5 star ratingGem in Miami!! This is a one of a kind restaurant with excellent service, ambience, and of course food! The chef’s sushi creations from the tasting menu are absolutely fabulous and the pace of the meal was perfect. I would highly recommend this... read more

    Joy B. Avatar
    Joy B.

    5 star ratingA one of a kind dining experience. A one of a kind dining experience. This is not just a typical dinner. This place elevates a multi-course meal to nothing less than a full fledged experience. Fresh concept, intimate venue, and incredible food presented by 3 very special... read more

    DCsuited Avatar
  • 5 star ratingFrom the moment the door was opened literally we were greeted like family , the attention to detail was outstanding, made us feel very welcome and comfortable from start to end . The food the stories and the company around... read more

    Nader J. Avatar
    Nader J.

    5 star ratingCan’t miss Tucked away in ‘Little Haiti’ this isn’t just a restaurant it’s an immersive experience. The warmth and passion is not only felt but also visualized once you enter and from that point on your expectations are not met they... read more

    doublediab Avatar

    5 star ratingOne of the best dining experiences I’ve ever had. What an awesome place.

    I have been in restaurants over the world and I am so thrilled that Frankie, Nicky and the crew chose to open in Miami. This place IS Miami. Funky, groovy environment with the absolutely most unique...
    read more

    TommyMcW Avatar
  • 5 star ratingIncredible Dinner with Friends, and 1-1 experience Chef Blanco, and his staff will do everything possible to make you feel at home, amazing dinner, great ambiance and good food. wine was great, but the best is the personal experience you get feeling like at home. Thanks

    nics504 Avatar

    5 star ratingMy AMAZING birthday celebration 🎂 If you're looking for a foodgasm, you have found your place. It's an experience like no other. There's no menu to peruse but you will not be disappointed by what Chef Franco will serve. He is a wizard in the... read more

    cari6108 Avatar

    5 star ratingA unique, flavorful, enchanted experience! My husband invited me to the House of Food Porn for my birthday this year, and it was one of the most exciting and fun food experiences of my life!

    From the very moment we stepped into the House until...
    read more

    MerylR30 Avatar
  • 5 star ratingA Restaurant "Experience" Every Foodie In SoFla Should Visit If you're a foodie in South Florida, this is an absolute gem. My wife took me here for my birthday and we enjoyed the 8 course tasting. There is no menu. You eat the chef's creations.

    Nikki and her team took...
    read more

    485mannym Avatar

    5 star ratingIn. Cre. Di. Ble. Had an AMAZING experience! Food was delicious, ambience fantastic, and both the staff and Chef made us feel at home. Will 100% go back, and can’t wait to introduce others to this place!

    brose626 Avatar

    5 star ratingGo! We wish there was an option for a 6 circle rating. We are so crazy full but what an incredibly fun night. One word to describe this place is - Go. Great food, amazing ambiance, fantastic people. #Yum #Shushi

    juliaphilyaw Avatar
  • 5 star ratingSuch a fitting name for the place!!! i LOVED my experience!

    Name was a bit of a surprise (even our Uber driver was like where are you going..?!) but it totally fits the place and chef. I was extremely amazed by...
    read more

    Gloria C. Avatar
    Gloria C.

    5 star ratingIts an event! Frank and Nikki are the best.
    Best food experience in Miami. The taste are explosive and complicated.
    Nothing like it.

    David P. Avatar
    David P.

    5 star ratingWas so much fun; I did it twice!
    Chef was informative & engaging - the ShuShi was delicious & the drinks were fantastic! Thank you so much for a wonderful evening

    Keana A. Avatar
    Keana A.
  • 5 star ratingTrust me...your life is incomplete! You must dine here! This is far more than dinner, this is an experience! From the moment I emailed Frank and Nicky I knew this was the perfect choice for me and my husband’s 40th birthday celebration. All of their... read more

    ODD_8 Avatar

    5 star ratingGreat Experience We had a blast! Very different from what we originally thought we were getting into but totally worth it. Great ambiance! Food was Delicious! Can’t wait to go back.

    Natalia G. Avatar
    Natalia G.

    5 star ratingIncredible This is not your average food experience - this is the house of food porn. Expect to get your mind blown. The food, the atmosphere is out of this world!

    Lisehj89 Avatar
  • 5 star ratingLittle Haiti’s Culinary Gem! Topnotch!

    Usually I do not write reviews, but this place is just different! Open for private reservations only -so make sure to plan ahead- Chef Frank created an Omikase-style 6 course tasting for us, which left us stunned. We even had...
    read more

    Morphefitness Avatar

    5 star ratingThere are a lot of places to eat and you can find good food almost anywhere you are willing to spend the money. What's different and what I seek, which I found in the House of Food Porn is the... read more

    JC E. Avatar
    JC E.

    5 star ratingMy best friend was in town so we made reservations for this spot after finding a Groupon for their multicourse, live cooking experience. Upon reading what the experience included we knew it was perfect for us since we are both... read more

    Natty B. Avatar
    Natty B.
  • 5 star ratingFirst timer... The food and experience are worth it... Nicky and Chef Franco are amazing! My girlfriend and I loved it so much we are having them come to our house to cater for our birthday in November!

    ailyngee Avatar

    5 star ratingAn unplanned evening, but wonderful outcome! I wanted to write this review given how gracious and kind Nicky handled a truly unfortunate situation. Due to an extreme (and random) thunderstorm and a cancelled cab (shoutout to Lyft), my friend and I arrived 40 minutes late to... read more

    alisonbA4237XE Avatar

    5 star ratingBest food experience ever! Had an amazing lunch catered for an office birthday party. From presentation to taste buds to everything in between the food was just superb. It's more of an experience than anything else. Can hardly wait to go back for more.

    jenadior Avatar
  • 5 star ratingBest Dining Experience WOW. That is the first thing that comes to my mind. Dining at the House of Food Porn has been the best dining experience I have had in every expect. The food was phenomenal, the service was one of a... read more

    GiovannaCervantes Avatar

    5 star ratingSimply Amazing and a little unexpected We only had time to eat at one restaurant in Miami and we took a chance on House of Food Porn, How could we not with a name like this and the myriad of 5-star reviews? Even so, I told... read more

    kynthiaoriley Avatar

    5 star ratingWhat an EXPERIENCE! While the food is incredible, what makes this place so unique is the experience of it all. I have never been to any place like it. The service is so personalized, and you feel like you are right in the... read more

    Amanda S. Avatar
    Amanda S.
  • 5 star ratingPhenomenal Food Experience We went twice in 1 month it was that delicious. The second time we reserved for our closest friends. Chef and his wife are warm, generous, and fun. Our friends loved the rolls. We are still debating which one is... read more

    helweym Avatar

    5 star ratingSign on the wall, "Menu- Take it or Leave it" Well, humor aside, you WILL take it and you WILL love it. Chef Franco prepares each meal's menu. We did the six course tasting - each was delightful accompanied by Chef Franco's running dialogue. While he mostly explains what it... read more

    Thomas B. Avatar
    Thomas B.

    5 star ratingIgnore the location, the experience is worth it!! My husband and I enjoyed our second anniversary celebration dinner at HOFP. We booked the eight course experience. The reviews helped in the decision making on the place. Our dinner experience was set for 8:30, and we were joined... read more

    Stephanie M. Avatar
    Stephanie M.
  • 5 star ratingFrom Novice to Master Chef. After a class you can straight up go in not knowing anything to coming out knowing how to roll Shushi like a pro. I will be a hit at my next get together with family after my class with... read more

    associatedgraphics Avatar

    5 star ratingNot Just a Meal, but a Dining Experience! I found House of Food Porn via Trip Advisor and was first impressed by its #1 rating and then impressed by the incredible reviews. What excited me in booking was that it would be a dining experience and not just... read more

    TLWJLB Avatar

    5 star ratingA food experience like no other! If you are an adventurous foodie who loves food as an experience this place is not to be missed. Do not be detoured by the price tag- its worth every penny! The service is impeccable and its so much more... read more

    Sarahrose4942 Avatar



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