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Meet The Chef.

ShuShi Catering Display

Franco Antonio Blanco

The story of the “ShuShi” Chef began in 1990 when, while still in high school, Francisco Antonio Blanco tasted sushi for the first time and fell in love with its unique taste profile and explosive flavors—a love not shared by his traditional Cuban parents.


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5 Stars - Based on 312 User Reviews
  • 5 star ratingMy second time at House of Food Porn and enjoyed a totally new menu with the same flare and style as my first. Nikki's and Frank really make the difference, you feel as if you are dinning at a long... read more

    Eddie D. Avatar
    Eddie D.

    5 star ratingThis is an interesting Miami location. If you want to have private dining - try this restaurant

    Stacy Y. Avatar
    Stacy Y.

    5 star ratingWhat can I say about this place. The food, the ambience, and the service from the chef is superb. You have to have an open mind, if you want to eat your traditional food go some place else. If you... read more

    Agustin L. Avatar
    Agustin L.
  • 5 star ratingAbove expectations I took my wife to this place basically due to ear catching name and excellent reviews. While driving to the neighborhood initially I thought that I will be in a dog house in the best case scenario. Well.... Franco and... read more

    iglana Avatar

    5 star ratingRemarkable Restaurant - you will love it ! It would be impossible to give this restaurant anything less than 5 stars. This is a memorable dining experience, unlike any other we've experienced after many years of traveling and eating at some great locations. You won't be disappointed if... read more

    lmcbeth2016 Avatar

    5 star ratingSimple Amazing Found House of Porn on the Internet. Reviews were spot on. The food is truly exceptional. Nicky and Frank set an atmosphere that has no comparison. The food is unique and memorable. It has hints
    of identifiable ingredients but Frank...
    read more

    jeannep275 Avatar
  • 5 star ratingJust wow! One of the greatest experience I ever had. The food was delicious, love the mofongo shushi, my favorite! Nicole was amazing and Chef Frank! Can't wait to go back!!

    djalexpiano08 Avatar

    5 star ratingI get my weekly meals from Chef Franco and they are top notch delicacies made with a flair of home style sazón and a lot of heart. The meals are creative, thoughtful and always yummy. If you want to... read more

    M J. Avatar
    M J.

    5 star ratingUnique Dining Experience Hidden away in Little Haiti is one of the best dining experiences in Miami. The House of Food Porn is a must for adventurous foodies. As other reviewers have noted its not just about the food which is phenomenal, its... read more

    SoBeSaul Avatar
  • 5 star ratingEvery time I visit House of Food Porn I am thrilled with the flavors and the warmth of the experience. I have celebrated my birthday here, have brought important contacts, cherished friends, people from out of town and they have... read more

    Carmen M. Avatar
    Carmen M.

    5 star ratingLoved this place !!!! Loved this place, best food and service, highly recommended... from beginning to end , great experience

    Natasha P. Avatar
    Natasha P.

    5 star ratingWas so much fun; I did it twice! Chef was informative & engaging - the ShuShi was delicious & the drinks were fantastic! Thank you so much for a wonderful evening

    Keana A. Avatar
    Keana A.
  • 5 star ratingThe world in the roll Where to start... this place is an underground spot hidden in Little Haiti. When you enter the ShuShi tasting room you feel what atmosphere the owners try to convey. Being in their "living room", Chef Franco Antonio spoils you with... read more

    Liana L. Avatar
    Liana L.

    5 star ratingSimply Amazing and a little unexpected We only had time to eat at one restaurant in Miami and we took a chance on House of Food Porn, How could we not with a name like this and the myriad of 5-star reviews? Even so, I told... read more

    kynthiaoriley Avatar

    5 star ratingGem in Miami!! This is a one of a kind restaurant with excellent service, ambience, and of course food! The chef’s sushi creations from the tasting menu are absolutely fabulous and the pace of the meal was perfect. I would highly recommend this... read more

    Joy B. Avatar
    Joy B.
  • 5 star ratingThe best dining experience in Miami!!! My boyfriend and I traveled all the way to Miami for his birthday, and his birthday dinner here was the highlight of our trip! First of all, being from Chicago, the location of this restaurant was not as "sketch" as... read more

    lilmegaroundtheworld Avatar

    5 star ratingOne of the best dining experiences I’ve ever had. What an awesome place.

    I have been in restaurants over the world and I am so thrilled that Frankie, Nicky and the crew chose to open in Miami. This place IS Miami. Funky, groovy environment with the absolutely most unique...
    read more

    TommyMcW Avatar

    5 star ratingWhat an experience! My visit at Franco was something i'll never forget! The food was so so good, and I just love the way it was prepared. Franco is amazing at prepping the food in front of us, and engaging in fun conversations... read more

    Sigrid G. Avatar
    Sigrid G.
  • 5 star ratingUnique, Fun and Memorable Celebration Nikki and Chef Frank went above and beyond to make my birthday celebration special. Nikki is an amazing hostess with the mostess...for sure! You would NEVER expect to find this little gem based on the exterior...this is a really great,... read more

    SRU625 Avatar

    5 star ratingPHENOMENAL experience from start to end I reached out to House of Food Porn via email not quite knowing what to expect, but intrigued by the reviews I'd seen online. I was in search of a special dinner experience for my sister's bachelorette weekend. Within minutes,... read more

    LaurenWestbrook Avatar

    5 star ratingIncredible Dinner with Friends, and 1-1 experience Chef Blanco, and his staff will do everything possible to make you feel at home, amazing dinner, great ambiance and good food. wine was great, but the best is the personal experience you get feeling like at home. Thanks

    nics504 Avatar
  • 5 star ratingFood Porn Birthday This is a giant food adventure.. a truly unique and unforgettable experience !! Chef prepares tantalizing food and the beautiful Nicky serves it and after your toungue organisms, he tells you what you ate. The setting is aa if you... read more

    ElleA584 Avatar

    5 star ratingDining with a twist Absolutely loved this place. Came back for my second visit and had totally new experience. Food and presentation are second to none. Frank and Nicky are the best and make you feel at home.

    eddied9023 Avatar

    5 star ratingI went for the first time to (House of food Porn) about a month ago. I must say I was blown away!!!! I didnt know what to expect with the name Lol, but much to my surprise I... read more

    Hector J. Avatar
    Hector J.
  • 5 star ratingFrom the moment the door was opened literally we were greeted like family , the attention to detail was outstanding, made us feel very welcome and comfortable from start to end . The food the stories and the company around... read more

    Nader J. Avatar
    Nader J.

    5 star ratingAMAZINGGGGG!!!! OMG this place is amazingggggggg!!! We found the House of Food Porn accidentally in Little Haiti because we wanted to try something new. Being a foodie I was curious about the name, so I made a reservation for a private... read more

    Nicole E. Avatar
    Nicole E.

    5 star ratingAn experience worth every penny We booked in at House of food porn after looking through trip advisor reviews. The meal and hospitality far exceeded our expectations. Very personal, incredible flavours and welcoming environment. I don't want to give too much away on here as... read more

    Sam P. Avatar
    Sam P.
  • 5 star ratingTHE BEST EXPERIENCE EVER!! The experience was amazing!! they really were into the information you gave to them to make everything unique. You really didn't know what expect to the dinner. But, in the moment you arrived there, you felt like you were being... read more

    MARSANRU Avatar

    5 star ratingAn amazing, one-of-a-kind experience in the heart of Little Haiti. Exceptional food, unique creativity, as well as warm, hospitable, and wonderful people. Thank you Chef Frank and Nicky for a unforgettable Mother's Day evening!

    alteria Avatar

    5 star ratingA dining experience Go with a group and experience The House of Food Porn . Do you know what Shushi is ? Well you have to go to the House of Food Porn to find out. You will not be disappointed. You must... read more

    sfr8557 Avatar
  • 5 star ratingOutstanding service and impressive food quality! This has been long overdue! But better late than never! I visited the House of Porn for my anniversary and I loved it.
    Throughout the entire experience you feel the warmth and excitement of the hostess. Chef Frank puts a...
    read more

    Furthr_than Avatar

    5 star ratingDining Experience Like no other There are places you go to eat, and then there are places that have amazing food, incredible service and an all-out one of a kind dining experience. Don’t judge a book by its cover, get inside and be ready... read more

    lchinds Avatar

    5 star ratingI LOVE LOVE LOVE House of Food Porn. The name got us and I am glad we made reservations to try this place out. This place is so unique and the story behind it is amazing. This was a super... read more

    Rosanna W. Avatar
    Rosanna W.
  • 5 star ratingExcellent Food, Atmosphere & People The food was delicious, with an amazing atmosphere and hosts. Be prepared for something new and unique that'll make you come back, as I know I will.

    dduncan93 Avatar

    5 star ratingAmazing Experience I’d be lying if I wasn’t a little nervous upon pulling up, that all changed once we walked in the door. Unreal experience coupled with incredible service. This was my fathers 85th birthday and they went out of their way... read more

    schmidthb Avatar

    5 star ratingWant to try something different?? Then this is the place to go!! I went with my friends for the first time, we had a great experience!!
    Food was so creative and delicious. Nikki is amazing!! Restaurant is cozy, comfy and extremely welcoming. I enjoyed how every dish was a surprise. This place only...
    read more

    Michelle12898 Avatar
  • 5 star ratingIncredible, Unique , Fun, Unforgettable and many more... No word to explain... Absolutely amazing experience. No words to explain. The atmosphere, food, wine amazing. If you’re adventurous this is a place to go.... Nikki and Chef Frank went above and beyond. Very creative and personal. Feels like I found new Friends in... read more

    B909PXdianab Avatar

    5 star ratingFoodgasam!!! I had no idea what I was walking into! It was an explosion of culinary arts!
    The food was spectacular and only complemented by the wonderful folks who run the place. If you are a local or in town for a...
    read more

    Coachsas Avatar

    5 star ratingMy best friend was in town so we made reservations for this spot after finding a Groupon for their multicourse, live cooking experience. Upon reading what the experience included we knew it was perfect for us since we are both... read more

    Natty B. Avatar
    Natty B.
  • 5 star ratingUnmatchable Experience Hands down the most personable and extraordinary dinner experience I’ve had! They went out of their way to open outside their normal hours for a surprise bday extravaganza for me that will be one I’ll never forget! Being a major... read more

    Tiffany B. Avatar
    Tiffany B.

    5 star ratingDate Night This was by far one of our best date nights. We had an amazing night. The friendly service made us feel like we were at an intimate dinner party. We felt like we were just enjoying dinner with family. The... read more

    cari6108 Avatar

    5 star ratingNaughty but Oh So Nice! As a creative person and a foodie, I was looking forward to this new concept. It exceeded expectations!

    To begin as I love surprises, Chef Blanco asked a little about me and my background and types of flavors and foods...
    read more

    Christine M. Avatar
    Christine M.
  • 5 star ratingBEST. PLACE. EVER. This place is a must visit!!!! Amazing creativity, awesome flavors and they are so welcoming! You won’t regret it....

    Bobthejet Avatar

    5 star ratingBOOK THIS PLACE!!!! Unforgettable Experience!!! If you’re looking for the most unique and intimate culinary experience, this place is it!!! Nicky and Chef Frankie Blanco have totally nailed it with their approach to creative food and 5 star service. We felt like rock stars in... read more

    LoloandKai Avatar

    5 star ratingINTIMATE EXPERIENCE WITH DELICIOUS FOOD! Tried it, loved it, and coming back for more. The food was a fusion between Japanese and Hispanic fare. I went on a date with the girlfriend who is vegetarian and the chef was very accommodating. Establishment is legit vegetarian... read more

    RecordingDave Avatar



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