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Meet The Chef.

ShuShi Catering Display

Franco Antonio Blanco

The story of the “ShuShi” Chef began in 1990 when, while still in high school, Francisco Antonio Blanco tasted sushi for the first time and fell in love with its unique taste profile and explosive flavors—a love not shared by his traditional Cuban parents.


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5 Stars - Based on 312 User Reviews
  • 5 star ratingThe Best!! This was the best dining experience I’ve had in my life! I decided to book the 8 course tasting menu for my husband and myself. We left stuffed! I figured that if we were going to go, we were going... read more

    nwilson86 Avatar

    5 star ratingAmazing place !!!! House of Food Porn is absolutely amazing !!! The food is great as well as the drinks and such a cool atmosphere to get together with friends for any occasion ! Amazing place. Also the host Nicole was so fun... read more

    Katrina U. Avatar
    Katrina U.

    5 star ratingGreat night I read the reviews on this restaurant and had a hard time believing that everyone was so happy..... then we ate there last night.....believe every review you have read, Frank and Niki were fabulous, welcoming informative and fun, the atmosphere... read more

    Bob S. Avatar
    Bob S.
  • 5 star ratingBedste oplevelse på restaurant nogensinde Denne restaurant SKAL besøges. Det er den bedste oplevelse jeg har fået, formfuldendt oplevelse - prøv det !

    trineb66 Avatar

    5 star ratingCulinary Rockstars with a Twist on Sushi . Frank and Nicky create a one-of-a-kind EXPERIENCE at House Of Food Porn . The atmosphere is like being in their living room . They are the sweetest hosts and the stories that go with the dishes enhance the experience .... read more

    Tim C. Avatar
    Tim C.

    5 star ratingIncredible Dinner with Friends, and 1-1 experience Chef Blanco, and his staff will do everything possible to make you feel at home, amazing dinner, great ambiance and good food. wine was great, but the best is the personal experience you get feeling like at home. Thanks

    nics504 Avatar
  • 5 star ratingBrilliance and Fun! Loved the welcoming and openness of Nikki! Felt right at home with such a wonderful host. She’s friendly, fun and fabulous! The experience was top notch and nothing we’ve done before. The rolls were flavorful and texture... read more

    Evelyn S. Avatar
    Evelyn S.

    4 star ratingGreat Food Adventure in a Surprising Location Amazing food by the chef and his hostess, the two owners of this surprising find in an area that some might find “sketchy”. This outing is not for people who are picky eaters or need to know what they are... read more

    SBHTravels Avatar

    5 star ratingBirthday Very Nice!!!and The Service and ambience out this world!The Food was excellent,You feel like you and yours friends was in the Paradise when finish.

    William B. Avatar
    William B.
  • 5 star ratingHouse of Foodporn Amazing experience! Wonderful food and lovely atmosphere and the best service ever! One of the truly best restaurants in all of South Florida!!

    Q7675OAchristiang Avatar

    5 star ratingThe intimate setting that I was looking for The food was incredible! Chef Frank presents you with delightful menu that he creates on the fly, which is definitely a quite satisfying one. The rolls were very unique, and we had never sampled anything like it before. Our host... read more

    erictuozzo Avatar

    5 star ratingDining with a twist Absolutely loved this place. Came back for my second visit and had totally new experience. Food and presentation are second to none. Frank and Nicky are the best and make you feel at home.

    eddied9023 Avatar
  • 5 star ratingHad an amazing evening with Chef Franco. His creativity and flavors of his signature sushi rolls are beyond anything I've ever tried before. Offering a 5 selection course meal w/dessert is the best way to sample and he explains the... read more

    Kenny D. Avatar
    Kenny D.

    5 star ratingI LOVE LOVE LOVE House of Food Porn. The name got us and I am glad we made reservations to try this place out. This place is so unique and the story behind it is amazing. This was a super... read more

    Rosanna W. Avatar
    Rosanna W.

    5 star ratingFood Adventure If you feel adventurous and like to try new food, this is the place for you. An incredible place hidden from the busy streets, welcomed by a wonderful hostess, a setup made for a small crowd and private cooking in... read more

    rmardeni Avatar
  • 5 star ratingHospitality at its finest If you like trying new things, the art of dining and value experiences over material things, this restaurant is probably right up your alley.

    Nicky is one of the finest hosts you will ever meet. She is thoughtful, kind and a...
    read more

    MsHellfire Avatar

    5 star ratingTamera Gardner Not only is Chef Frank an artist, He is a culinary Genius. He and hostess Nickie provide diners with an out of this world culinary experience. Each of my tasting courses just kept getting better and better.From 1 to 10... read more

    Tamera B. Avatar
    Tamera B.

    5 star ratingThis is a must! A truly ALL sensory experience. You will taste flavors like you haven’t. You will see your food in a whole different way. Your hands will touch the pieces before they grace your palette and you will hear great music and... read more

    franpH3859BO Avatar
  • 5 star ratingShuShi Class My brother got this as a birthday gift for me! I was this close to not going because it is all the way in little Haiti on the opposite town of where I live...but my husband and I made it... read more

    vsamc001 Avatar

    5 star ratingTo breake the rules you first must master them ! That’s how I define chef Blanco, I was amazed how he managed to blend so perfect so many different ingredients, fully recommend!! Besides extraordinary food, the visit to the house of food porn is an original and fully sensorial experience.... read more

    435ernestog Avatar

    5 star ratingHolyShushi!! Can’t say enough about House of Food Porn! From the ambiance, to the chef/hostess and the food, everything/one here is AMAZING! A true culinary adventure provided by Frank while Nikki makes you feel truly at home and attended to. I... read more

    dvalera001 Avatar
  • 5 star ratingDelicious Food Theater in Little Haiti We LOVE House of Food Porn! One of the most unique dining experiences we've ever tried! Exotic flavors, amazing service, open kitchen, beautiful presentation, quirky decor, in an intimate setting serving "SHUSHI" which looks like Sushi but everything is cooked... read more

    573paulk Avatar

    5 star ratingA Great Date Night Experience! I didn't know what to expect when my husband told me this is where we would be going for date night but it was such an amazing experience! The food was beyond incredible and Nikki and Chef were so welcoming... read more

    andremski Avatar

    5 star ratingAll I can say is WOW.. WOW on the experience. WOW to the taste, and WOW on the presentation. If you want to get WOWED I totally recommend this place. Thank you Chef Franco!!!!

    Jorge F. Avatar
    Jorge F.
  • 5 star ratingVery Unique! The food was delicious, and the experience was very intimate and friendly. The unique 'rolls' were like nothing I've tasted before. The flavors exploded in my mouth!

    Melissa S. Avatar
    Melissa S.

    5 star ratingWe had the best time eating here. What a unique concept that you cannot find anywhere in Miami! We truly loved being wined and dined without a worry of a menu. We felt like we were in chef francos home... read more

    Natasha I. Avatar
    Natasha I.

    5 star ratingWonderful experience, a delightful twist on sushi. Truly a remarkable experience when it comes to fine dining. The four course meal is more than enough, but if you want a little bit more of an adventure the sixth course would... read more

    Sherri C. Avatar
    Sherri C.
  • 5 star ratingAmazing experience What an unique experience, something completely different, out of the box, amazing vibe, superb food where your palate sings and you want to get more and more to try because each meal is a surprise.
    It's not a classic sushi...
    read more

    Ana M. Avatar
    Ana M.

    5 star ratingAmazing. Amazing. Amazing! I consider myself a foodie and have traveled fairly far and wide taking in both local mom and pops to fine dining experiences all over the world. This place is a unique blend of a soft and warm home style... read more

    Woochild Avatar

    5 star ratingThe International Experience There are a lot of places to eat and you can find good food almost anywhere you are willing to spend the money. What's different and what I seek, which I found in the House of Food Porn is the... read more

    Juan C. Avatar
    Juan C.
  • 5 star ratingAmazing!! 5 stars and then some!! A must do experience. A new take on sushi! You really do feel like a VIP from the beginning to end. Can't wait to go again!

    Jessica S. Avatar
    Jessica S.

    5 star ratingThe world in the roll Where to start... this place is an underground spot hidden in Little Haiti. When you enter the ShuShi tasting room you feel what atmosphere the owners try to convey. Being in their "living room", Chef Franco Antonio spoils you with... read more

    Liana L. Avatar
    Liana L.

    5 star ratingOutstanding meal experience! An incredible, marvelous dinner experience. It almost makes me regret my previous five star ratings in Miami because this was head and shoulders above everything else.

    First, be clear this is "Shushi" not sushi. Everything was a cooked type of...
    read more

    CSBelt Avatar
  • 5 star ratingIts an event! Frank and Nikki are the best.
    Best food experience in Miami. The taste are explosive and complicated.
    Nothing like it.

    David P. Avatar
    David P.

    5 star ratingNo title Excellent in every aspect. First time yesterday. For sure not the last!!!!!! Service a nd food incredible

    Sergio P. Avatar
    Sergio P.

    5 star ratingI’ll come back to Miami just to eat here again I was unsure about this place when I initially booked my reservation, but my apprehension was dispelled as soon as I walked in. Nicki greeted me and I immediately felt like family. She explained what the experience would consist of... read more

    jgorton3 Avatar
  • 5 star ratingAbsolutely Amazing!!! Took my husband for his birthday and it was the best decision ever! The food was out of this world, the service was some of the best I’ve ever received and the location was very charming. We will definitely be... read more

    Jmendez070 Avatar

    5 star ratingUnique and Delicious My husband and I had the 6-course "Shushi" dinner. The whole experience was truly memorable! The chef has a concept for food in sushi-shaped format - but this is fully cooked, highly varied cuisine. Besides the quality of the food,... read more

    seb1963 Avatar

    5 star ratingFrank and Nicole will provide you with an amazing evening! The food is amazing and so is the hospitality. Go with an open and mind and you won't be disappointed!

    C H. Avatar
    C H.
  • 5 star ratingWant to try something different?? Then this is the place to go!! I went with my friends for the first time, we had a great experience!!
    Food was so creative and delicious. Nikki is amazing!! Restaurant is cozy, comfy and extremely welcoming. I enjoyed how every dish was a surprise. This place only...
    read more

    Michelle12898 Avatar

    5 star ratingBest Dinning Experience! I came to this wonderful restaurant with my family & i was wildly surprised by the friendly atmosphere, delicious food and wonderful charisma from Nicky, Carri2 and our Chef Frank! We felt entirely at home, while we dined and fraternized... read more

    Yarmis N. Avatar
    Yarmis N.

    5 star ratingOMG this place is amazingggggggg!!! We found the House of Food Porn accidentally in Little Haiti because we wanted to try something new. Being a foodie I was curious about the name, so I made a reservation for a private... read more

    Nicole E. Avatar
    Nicole E.
  • 5 star ratingWhat an experience! After 4 hours of searching for a place to surprise my husband with for his birthday, I finally decided to try out the House of Food Porn due to all the reviews. And let me tell you, they are not... read more

    Hsiyen Avatar

    5 star ratingUnforgettable experience!!! I can’t explain how welcomed we felt by Chef Frank and our host. They just made us feel that the place was ours. Food was delicious and very elegant presented. Place was very welcoming, everything looked nice and clean... We... read more

    Alexmvp305 Avatar

    5 star ratingLittle Haiti’s Culinary Gem! Topnotch!

    Usually I do not write reviews, but this place is just different! Open for private reservations only -so make sure to plan ahead- Chef Frank created an Omikase-style 6 course tasting for us, which left us stunned. We even had...
    read more

    Morphefitness Avatar



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