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Franco Antonio Blanco

The story of the “ShuShi” Chef began in 1990 when, while still in high school, Francisco Antonio Blanco tasted sushi for the first time and fell in love with its unique taste profile and explosive flavors—a love not shared by his traditional Cuban parents.


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5 Stars - Based on 312 User Reviews
  • 4 star ratingGreat Food Adventure in a Surprising Location Amazing food by the chef and his hostess, the two owners of this surprising find in an area that some might find “sketchy”. This outing is not for people who are picky eaters or need to know what they are... read more

    SBHTravels Avatar

    5 star ratingCatered wedding I surprised my then boyfriend with a dinner date at House of Food Porn and we were absolutely blown away. Joking around, I said they were going to cater our wedding because of how impressive they were. After 5 dinner... read more

    natashami Avatar

    5 star ratingOut Of This World! I am not one to leave reviews , but with this amazing restaurant experience and the food that I am still day dreaming about, I just had to share the love for all my fellow trip advisors. Your Miami experience... read more

    Malia G. Avatar
    Malia G.
  • 5 star ratingRemarkable Restaurant - you will love it ! It would be impossible to give this restaurant anything less than 5 stars. This is a memorable dining experience, unlike any other we've experienced after many years of traveling and eating at some great locations. You won't be disappointed if... read more

    lmcbeth2016 Avatar

    5 star ratingIncredible, Unique , Fun, Unforgettable and many more... No word to explain... Absolutely amazing experience. No words to explain. The atmosphere, food, wine amazing. If you’re adventurous this is a place to go.... Nikki and Chef Frank went above and beyond. Very creative and personal. Feels like I found new Friends in... read more

    B909PXdianab Avatar

    5 star ratingUnmatchable Experience Hands down the most personable and extraordinary dinner experience I’ve had! They went out of their way to open outside their normal hours for a surprise bday extravaganza for me that will be one I’ll never forget! Being a major... read more

    Tiffany B. Avatar
    Tiffany B.
  • 5 star ratingThank u so Much! Thanks for having us and making our night awsome!!!

    We were here to celebrate my birthday.

    Thank you!!!

    tommyTerror Avatar

    5 star ratingInnovative and delicious I went there with friends and OMG ... what a surprise... combinations of flavors and technique a hospitality experience that can not be missed... My favorite the blackened Salmon Roll.

    Juan A. Avatar
    Juan A.

    5 star ratingDelicious and unique experience What an amazing experience! The food was creative, delicious, and satisfying! The experience was intimate, professional, and sexy. I just moved to Miami and came here tonight for my birthday dinner and I am hoping to come back again this... read more

    G2097MLstephaniel Avatar
  • 5 star ratingWorld class service and food World class service and food! Nicky and Frank make this experience memorable. Do not be scared by the exterior!

    699deannaa Avatar

    5 star ratingAbsolutely food to live for!! OMG!! My husband, my parents, and I had the extreme Pleasure of celebrating my mother's birthday this evening at the House of Food Porn and it was one of the Best experiences ever - we are all still buzzing... read more

    awsupermom Avatar

    5 star ratingCouples night Amazing place, service, food....a total experience!! Highly recommended! Had a fabulous night filled with laughter, great food, family! Chef and staff are incredible!!!

    Amberwarren48 Avatar
  • 5 star ratingBEST Birthday EVER! A group of our closest friends went to House of Food Porn for my birthday celebration last night and one word comes to mind, “EXTRAORDINARY!” Yes...from the decor, the ambience, the gorgeous hostess, Nicky, the extremely talented Chef Franco Antonio,... read more

    MESV1973 Avatar

    5 star ratingCouples night Amazing place, service, food....a total experience!! Highly recommended! Had a fabulous night filled with laughter, great food, family! Chef and staff are incredible!!!

    Amber W. Avatar
    Amber W.

    5 star ratingSimple Amazing Found House of Porn on the Internet. Reviews were spot on. The food is truly exceptional. Nicky and Frank set an atmosphere that has no comparison. The food is unique and memorable. It has hints
    of identifiable ingredients but Frank...
    read more

    jeannep275 Avatar
  • 5 star ratingAmazing experience Really different than a regular restaurant. So much fun and people there take care of you really good! I’ll do it again

    Alexandra N. Avatar
    Alexandra N.

    5 star ratingOutstanding service and food Let me start by saying that if HOFP is not on your bucket list you better put it there now. The service was like no other constantly engaged in one on one conversation with the host and chef. Besides the... read more

    jonathanbN680YW Avatar

    5 star ratingI LOVE LOVE LOVE House of Food Porn. The name got us and I am glad we made reservations to try this place out. This place is so unique and the story behind it is amazing. This was a super... read more

    Rosanna W. Avatar
    Rosanna W.
  • 5 star ratingBest Dinning Experience! I came to this wonderful restaurant with my family & i was wildly surprised by the friendly atmosphere, delicious food and wonderful charisma from Nicky, Carri2 and our Chef Frank! We felt entirely at home, while we dined and fraternized... read more

    Yarmis N. Avatar
    Yarmis N.

    5 star ratingWords cannot express the amount of gratitude I have for Nicole and Chef. They squeezed a reservation in for me and made it exceptionally special. They elevated my boyfriend and I's experience to a level I didn't think was possible... read more

    Elizabeth N. Avatar
    Elizabeth N.

    5 star ratingAll I can say is just WOW WOW WOW!!! There aren’t enough stars to rate this place! We absolutely loved everything about it. The ambiance, the food surpassed my expectations. Hostess Nicky is absolutely incredible! She made us feel right at home, had us all smiling, she kept the... read more

    Stephanie G. Avatar
    Stephanie G.
  • 5 star ratingDecadent Shu Shi Cuisine 🔥🔥🔥 AMAZING DINING EXPERIENCE!!! Exciting, Fresh, Fun and Delicious!!!! Get Ready for a Magical Experience Chef Franco definitely delivers!!! It’s a must !!! Dessert is a Hit !!! From Lava Cakes to Guava it’s a great place with a Great Vibe 🔥🔥🔥

    Addy P. Avatar
    Addy P.

    5 star ratingBest Food Experience of My Life First I will apologize for the lengthy time to write this review. We visited House of Food Porn “HOFP” on November 10th 2019. My first impression of this place was what the hell did I just sign up for. We... read more

    I7314MYjonathant Avatar

    5 star ratingThe best fresh ceviche in Miami Frank Blanco is one of the best chefs in Miami
    ...his creativity goes beyond this planet. His delicious sushi creations makes your taste buds come alive...being in Little Haiti...it.s the star of the Magic Citycarlos

    carlosaP9438EH Avatar
  • 5 star ratingAmazing! Unique, delicious, one of a kind experience! Tonight my wife and I celebrated our wedding anniversary and couldn't have asked for a better dining experience! Host Nikki and Chef Franco made us feel right at home. The intimate setting, outstanding original food, drinks, and incredible personalized service... read more

    Eddie M. Avatar
    Eddie M.

    5 star ratingVery cool experience! The food was great and so was the service! I would recommend to anyone looking to do something a bit different than the usual.

    B F. Avatar
    B F.

    5 star ratingExcellent food! Great tasting , good quality Peruvian food and drink. Always a good experience regardless of the location. Although getting a bit expensive lately

    rconrado1 Avatar
  • 5 star ratingI get my weekly meals from Chef Franco and they are top notch delicacies made with a flair of home style sazón and a lot of heart. The meals are creative, thoughtful and always yummy. If you want to... read more

    M J. Avatar
    M J.

    5 star ratingI am not sure how to describe this place as words won't be enough. If you are looking for good food you can find it anywhere in Florida. However if you are in search of a place that is going... read more

    Irene S. Avatar
    Irene S.

    5 star ratingAmazing experience I Had Shushi last night with some great friends to celebrate a birthday. We were met with Nicky who is an amazing hostess, who welcomes you with the most delicious wine and a little mason jar of spiced mix with... read more

    Jaloysosa Avatar
  • 5 star ratingThe best dining experience in Miami!!! My boyfriend and I traveled all the way to Miami for his birthday, and his birthday dinner here was the highlight of our trip! First of all, being from Chicago, the location of this restaurant was not as "sketch" as... read more

    lilmegaroundtheworld Avatar

    5 star ratingWonderful experience, a delightful twist on sushi. Truly a remarkable experience when it comes to fine dining. The four course meal is more than enough, but if you want a little bit more of an adventure the sixth course would... read more

    Sherri C. Avatar
    Sherri C.

    5 star ratingThe International Experience There are a lot of places to eat and you can find good food almost anywhere you are willing to spend the money. What's different and what I seek, which I found in the House of Food Porn is the... read more

    Juan C. Avatar
    Juan C.
  • 5 star ratingSimply WOW! We found House of Food Porn due to the restaurant having amazing rating and reviews on Tripadvisor. So we decided to give it a try during our stay in Miami. Just to state it clearly up front; this is one... read more

    Riplis Avatar

    5 star ratingAll I can say is WOW.. WOW on the experience. WOW to the taste, and WOW on the presentation. If you want to get WOWED I totally recommend this place. Thank you Chef Franco!!!!

    Jorge F. Avatar
    Jorge F.

    5 star ratingHidden Gem!!! Where worldwide cuisine meets sushi!!! Not for ordinary palettes as different cultures are fused into rolls. When we started the course, it was like riding an elevator to the presidential suite! The sushi only got better and better. Started with... read more

    amiel_ale Avatar
  • 5 star ratingThe Best!! This was the best dining experience I’ve had in my life! I decided to book the 8 course tasting menu for my husband and myself. We left stuffed! I figured that if we were going to go, we were going... read more

    nwilson86 Avatar

    5 star ratingJesus, wow My god, this place is cool.

    If you are not comfortable parking your car in Little Haiti, don’t go. But just warning you, if you don’t go, you’ll regret it.

    Simply put. This is one of the most unique restaurants I’ve...
    read more

    albertk861 Avatar

    5 star ratingA place that creates magic with ingredients while making you feel like you have entered your dear friend’s home House of Food Porn is one of the best restaurants I have been to EVER! I travel the world and visit restaurants that are well known as well as small and unique... I search for restaurants that have food that... read more

    Carmen M. Avatar
    Carmen M.
  • 5 star ratingCulinary Rockstars with a Twist on Sushi . Frank and Nicky create a one-of-a-kind EXPERIENCE at House Of Food Porn . The atmosphere is like being in their living room . They are the sweetest hosts and the stories that go with the dishes enhance the experience .... read more

    Tim C. Avatar
    Tim C.

    5 star ratingWow!!!! The most amazing place I have ever been to!! Amazing food and service can’t get any better!! The shush is so creative and yummy!

    Dream63530006983 Avatar

    5 star ratingGreat concept of Cuban-Sushi delicious food! Since the moment you walk into the restaurant you feel the difference. Six course meal of a peculiar way of preparing sushi on a semi private environment. You can enjoy the show of assembling your meal in front of you... read more

    Luz C. Avatar
    Luz C.
  • 5 star ratingAmazing!! 5 stars and then some!! A must do experience. A new take on sushi! You really do feel like a VIP from the beginning to end. Can't wait to go again!

    Jessica S. Avatar
    Jessica S.

    5 star ratingHad an amazing time.....AGAIN My second time visiting and was. Blown away again by this unique experience. The Nicky and Chef Franco are very hospitable and make you feel very welcome, like if visiting their home. The food was extraordinary. You must try this experience.

    michael l. Avatar
    michael l.

    5 star ratingExcellent food and service! My wife and I had a beautiful and intimate dining experience at this cozy little restaurant where we enjoyed a unique 4-course shushi menu, where each course was a wonderful surprise paired with a spectacular red wine which we both... read more

    jerryh21888 Avatar



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